A young team, an experienced leadership

Magmalabstudio counts on a team of professionals trained by Teo Bellia. Since the early ‘70s he has been active in all the ramifications of audiovisual communication, both in the technical and in the artistical side.

Translators, script adaptators, dialogue coaches, voice – over assistants and directors, synchronizers, sound engineers and sound technicians; our troupe is rich with Italian dubbing tradition, with a freshness and elasticity that makes us apt to any modern day challenge, in terms of speed, competitiveness, and quality.

Coordination, optimization, finalization!

Beyond our internal team, we are constantly casting and refreshing our pool of collaborators and our ability to spot the best professional talents makes us competitive in terms of ensuring the maximum satisfaction for our customers.

  • Artistic Director: Teo Bellia
  • External Relations: Cecilia Villani
  • Management: Elena Bellia
  • Administration: Martina Taviani
  • Technical supervisor: Francesca Vichi